One of the most used and valued tools in any workshop is the table saw. Of all the tools that most woodworkers own the table saw is usually the first major tool they purchase (closely followed by the band saw) and the one that is the most invaluable in the shop. Unfortunately, most table saws are out of alignment, evne brand new out-of-the-box. How do I know this, well the first clue is that wood that is run through these saws are often "burned", which can be an indicator, also you can hear ringing sound or a zing at the end of a cut, and often a bit of a ragged edge. All of these are indicators that a table saw is out alignment.

The best way to align a table saw is first of all to make sure the blade is absolutely parallel to the mitre slots. Most table saws will have adjustment screws or assemblies, what is critical is aligning them accurately with the mitre slots. This may require a special too like the Table Saw Gauge , or you can make your own with something that will attach to your mitre gauge with some sort of adjusting screw or other fine measuring device to butt up against the side of the blade, front and back to check for it's parallel.

The reason we want the saw blade aligned with the mitre gauge is that it then become easier to align the mitre gauge and fence with the mitre slots, which always remain constant.

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Re-aligning your table saw will give you a whole new outlook on woodworking. There is nothing better than hearing wood clearing the blade cleanly, and you will know when this happens ... you can actually hear the wood being cut cleanly !!!

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