There is nothing worse than trying to drill through something ... and you just know that your drill bit is dull, because you are having to push too hard, and you know your drill bit is heating up and losing what sharpness it had, along with its steel temper. For me, this usually happens with smaller bits. For some reason my 1/4" bit gets the most use.

Most of the time I am drilling into wood, but once in a while I need to drill though some thicker and harder steels, sometimes even stainless steel, which is VERY hard to drill through. These are the times that I need a sharp drill, and as usual, I never have them. Oh sure I can run down to the hardware store and pick up another drill bit for only a few dollars, but for me, the closes hardware store is about 20 minutes away ... each way. Add a cup of coffee into the equation and I can easily be gone for an hour and an half, after all ... I AM going to a hardware store. No self-respecting woodworker goes into any hardware store, buys a drill bit and leaves.

drill dr.

A few weeks ago I finally decided that between the frustration of always seeming to have dull drill bits and the time it takes to go and get one or two replaced, now was the time invest in a tool that would save me time and frustration.

To be honest, the Drill Doctor 350x is not a deluxe tool. If you want a drill bit sharpening tool that does much more, the Drill Doctor DDSB version might be a better choice for you. The 350X only sharpens bits from 3/32" up to 1/2", but for me this is perfect. The tool is easy to use, doesn't take up much room and I can sharpen up a bit in a couple of minutes (or less). I must say, of all the sharpening tools I have, this simple little tool is one of my favorites