Every woodworker would love to make dovetail joints when they are making drawers, boxes and other similar joints.Dovetail joints look great, are solid and are a sign that a woodworker has dedicated some special skills to their woodworking project. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we see some sort of article every month in one of the woodworking magazines, dovetails are STILL seldom used. WHY IS THAT? The woodworking magazines have described in detail every possible jig for making dovetails on the router, on the tablesaw, hand cut dovetails and even dovetails cut with the CNC router. SO WHY ARE DOVETAILS SELDOM USED? 


Well I'll tell you why, because its either
   A) To expensive to purchase a decent jig to cut dovetails with
   B) To time consuming to practice and practice until you are good at hand cutting them
   C) Don't want to spend the time making the jig for the tablesaw
   D) Don't own a CNC machine

Well folks FINALLY .... there is hope. I knew this would happen eventually (woodworkers are such innovative people) Yes, someone has finally invented a dovetail jig for use with a router (using a table or without using a router table) AN AFFORDABLE jig, and one that is not complicated and difficult to understand.

The E-Z Pro Dovetail jig is just as the title says, easy to use and very non-complicated. You can choose to use or narrow boards to make your dovetails on, and this little jig will still accommodate them.


The E-Z Pro Dovetail jig, as you can see from the video, can make dovetailing a part of your woodworking and make you look good. The tool is easy to use and comes with everything you need in order to make great looking dovetails. Sadly, I was one of the people who went out and purchased one of the $200 + machines that I hate to use because I have to stop and read the instructions every time I use the thing because I don't use it regularly.