This Fein Multimaster tool-kit is one of those tools that is a pricey investment, but is one that will make your job completion easier and faster. In the previous two years, attending woodworking shows, I would always find myself watching the demos on the Fein MultiMaster tool. I was ALWAYS impressed as to what the tool was capable of.  I recently saw the ad for the newest version with the quick blade release and the package supplied attachments.  More importantly, I had also found work that required this sort of tool!

I had to perform a job of installing ornamental returns on an old house with period moldings. The old returns had rotted together with some of the crown rake boards. Making the new returns wasn't an issue; trimming back the 4-inch crown molding was bound to be boring to say the least. I bought the Fein Multimaster tool-kit and felt the discomfort all the way back to the job…crown molding to solid wood. The roof’s 12/12 pitch made it nearly impossible to perform the task at hand with any speed while using steady tools.

The Fein MultiMaster accomplished the task in just a few seconds. After trimming back six returns in under one hour, I was certain the tool was worth the price tag. It was almost anticlimactic getting all of that work done in such a short amount of time! Simplicity and speed is what came to mind!

Since my purchase, I've found the Fein MultiMaster tool to be consistent with all that I have seen at demo shows. Once you purchase your own Fein MultiMaster, you will find yourself using it more than you thought you could. The amount of time you can save with the Fein MulitMaster tool, is worth the amount of money that you spend for your purchase, as it pays for itself very quickly.  I find myself treating the attachments as if they were gold, considering the replacement costs. I believe that the Fein MultiMaster can get away with their prices, as there isn't any other tool like it that works as well. The blades and all attachments are intensely strong and durable. Under-cutting doorjambs piled high with trim nails is now a breeze!



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