" Routers are especially good at some things, and one task that they do very well is in making signs. We live in a world of signs and we accumulate more and more every day. Unfortunately most of them are not very pretty, and this is where your router can help. Sign kits have been around for years but they are often cumbersome and hard to use – NOT ANY MORE. With the new Rockler sign kit you can make great looking signs in no time.

Have you ever gone out to price new letters for you house, or maybe a small sign for your woodworking shop? Maybe you are selling a few of your woodworking or turning projects at a local swap meet or open-air market? Wouldn't it be nice to have a great sign to put up showing off your work and your name?

The kits are available in either 2 1/4” or 4” kits, and actually having both means you could make some very creative and professional looking sign … AND the kits are very affordable and if you don't think so, go our a price one small sign of house numbers for your house, that will convince your. Then there is the finishing to consider, read on for more …

Ah Yes the finishing, well again you have many options. If you want to make your signs stand out you can actually paint them, or if you are using cedar or teak, you might just want to oil them and leave them natural.

Staining and varnishing or coating the signs with some protective and special finishing products will be the choice of many. For Staining, this is where the Krylon Spray Stain (see our other video) would be perfect, then you could also spray on the the Krylon Spray Varnish to give the sign some extra protection and a bit of a sheen.

The choices of signs and woods is endless. I envisioned a sign with cedar or mahogany then with purple heart wood trim, almost like a frame around the sign.

Copyright Colin Knecht