Think your table saw is heavy? ... Try this granit top little gem at 467 pounds. Yes thats right, a granite top table saw. At first I wondered what would be the purpose of a granite top over steel, then it gradually began to dawn on me that first of all granite does not rust. Now if you live in Texas or New Mexico you don't have to worry so much about that but in the soggy west coast or the humid east coast rust is a real problem.

This "left tilting" table saw has a few features we really liked and Steel City is well on it's way to shaking up the market by bringing out some new and innovative features. First of all we liked the fence, yes there are are other very good fences out there, but we still liked this one. It is smooth, accurate and well built. We liked the position and size of the off / on switch. It is easy to find and easy to shut the saw down should things start going awry one day, with a BIG red paddle.

The entire saw base is enclosed except for a 4" dust port, so you really don't get a chance to see the trunion system, which is the real heart of any saw. We dug around and found a very well made, cast system that is mounted with about as much strength as one could imagine for a table saw, this system is not going to move on you once it is set.

 Its nice to see manufactures putting quakity componets into their tools and Steel City has done so with the motor a dual 110/230 volt (115/7.5 AMP) 1 3/4 horsepower motor, not the biggest in the world but certainly satisfactory for most woodworkers.

Another important factor on any saw is the blade guard and splitter or riving knife. When you are ripping wood that starts has a mind of it's own and starts move on you as you are cutting it, a riving knife is critical for your own safety. The beauty of this unit is when you need to take this assmebly off, it comes of easily, you don't have to struggle with it.

Finally, finally, finally, a manufacture who sees the value in providing a built in wheel base. Yes, the unit we tried actually comes with a mobile base.

All in all we thought this was an excellent tool, innovative enough to catch our attention and tough enough to be a tool we would want in our work shop.