Although this unit can easily be classified as a portable tables, which are often skeptical about, we loved this Bosch table saw. The Bosch 4100 comes as a basic “worksite table saw”, that is, you put it on a couple of saw horses or some other sort of bench, or you can purchase an optional two-wheel portable stand.

Lets talk first of all about the saw itself. Although the actual table top is not that large (22” x 29”) it is still a good useable size. One of the features that sets this unit apart from some of it’s competitors is the ripping fence. This unit has a very good, accurate fence system. And if it goes our of alignment, it is easy to re-set it. The quick-lock system of the fence holds if firmly in place and is also and adjustable feature. You can snug the fence down by adjusting the tightness level that suits you best.

Next we looked a blade changes, because as you know, we almost never use the blades that are supplied with tables saw, not even this Bosch. We discovered that after raising the blade to get better access to the 5/8 arbor nut, the locking mechanism was lever that locks the blade so that the wrench can be used to release the arbor nut holding the blade. The wrench for changing blades is conveniently and securely attached to the side of the table saw.

After changing blades, we decided to rip some wood and lowered the blade to about half a tooth above the level of the stock we were going to cut. The raising and lowering of the blade is very smooth, yes this was a new saw and yes it had little sawdust accumulated yet, but we still felt extra care had been taken with the internal mechanisms.

When we first started the saw it was immediately evident that this unit was also equipped with a “soft start” circuitry. The 110 volt, 15 amp motor brought the blade came up to speed quickly but did so in a controlled fashion. We like the new blade guard and splitter system. In the past, and with other models some of the blade guards have been rather cheesy, seems they were only installed so the manufactures could boast they had a blade guard or that they were there simply go observe some local law. Not so with the blade guard on the Bosch 4100, this is a whole new design that doesn’t get in the way (at least most of the time) and it is solidly built with anti kick back design.

We then performed some cross cuts using the mitre gauge supplied with the saw, and again it performed seamlessly on the ¾ inch plywood we were using for testing.

Lets take a moment now to talk about the optional stand that is available for this saw. At first glace, the stand appears like it will be insufficient for the saw, but not so. When the table saw is mounted on the stand, not only do you get excellent mobility, you also get a saw that can be stored vertically … and easily. The mechanism that allows the stand to fold and unfold is quick and easy to operate and when the saw is set up in its cutting position, despite the fact it is sitting on a couple of wheels, the table saw is very stable.

In conclusion, we loved this saw. It was accurate, easy to operate and powerful enough to do most jobs a woodworker would need. Additionally if you are working in a confined space (aren’t we all) the Bosch 4100 when equipped with the folding stand takes up less space and provides an easy to fold out option. I dare say, if you have ever wished for two table saws in your shop for those times that changing blades becomes a nuisance, the Bosch 4100 would make an excellent addition to any workshop