Table top router tables very popular owing to their portability and low cost. The Bosh Benchtop Router Table is an exceptional product in a field of less than adequate products. Just looking at the table, you can tell that someone gave some thought to actually creating a portable router table but one that is still strong, flexible and rugged enough to do most serious routing jobs. 

The MDF laminated top of the Bosh Benchtop Table is very sturdy and equipped with a high quality aluminum insert plate that is pre-drilled for a variety of different routers. What we really liked about this unit was the two dust collection ports. Dust is always a problem with routers and having more ports to collect that dust is always better. 

The tall aluminum fence that also supports a couple of feather boards (also included with this unit) are particularly nice for taller woodworking pieces. Like most router tables this one also includes bit guard, the difference with this one is that it looks like it was designed to be effective and not simply some annoying accessory to be removed.

We like the fact that this table is enclosed under the table and that there is a separate off / on switch for the router that is installed in the table. Often fumbling with switch on the router that is mounted under the table is annoying and can be dangerous in some instances. Moving the switch to outside is a big plus.

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Despite the fact that this is a  bench top router table, and some may call it a portable, the Bosch Benchtop router table is no lightweight at a hefty 42 pounds. If you are looking for a smaller bench top router, or you need a second router table, this is one we would highly recommend.

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