Although this is something of the little brother of the 3.25 Hp Bosh Plunge router, we very much liked this smaller version. If you don’t need all the routing horsepower of the bigger Bosch, this is certainly one to consider. Again, we prefer the plunge routers if they are your only router, we just find them more versatile.


The Bosch 1613AVES Plunge Router is another well thought out tool and even with a bit smaller motor will still do pretty much anything most woodworkers will need … admittedly you may need to take a couple or even three passes with the bigger  panel bits, but this unit will still perform.

We liked how well the tool was designed and that it had all the options we look for, sort-start, constant speed under load, variable speed, off / on switch on handle, both half and quarter inch collets included, micro adjustment plunge stop and lock down leaver.

 When we tested this tool there were no surprises, it ran smooth as glass like all the other Bosch routers we have tested and although it didn’t have the power, it also didn’t have the weight.



We felt this tool would be an excellent buy for anyone looking for  any router, your first or you fifth router, it works well, utilizes all the accessories and does a great job, we liked this fine Bosch tool.