We were looking forward to testing this tool from Bosch. In our opinion the plunge router is probably the most useful if it is your only router and this Bosch 1619EVS is a whopping 3.25 horse power, which is touted as maintaining constant speed under load.


We started by having a good look at the tool and what we found were some innovative ideas and designs. The depth adjustment knob has both fine and coarse adjustments on it and the spindle lock on the front is convenient and easy to see. The variable speed switch is near the top of the router, although we would have liked to see this closer to the trigger, we were happy the unit had the control. We also liked the new design for the depth control stops, although we wondered if they would have the versatility that for a woodworker that other units already have. The off / on switch is nicely integrated into the right hand grip which makes this control very nice and comfortable to use. Like many routers the Bosch 1619EVS uses the spindle lock system to change bits rather than the two-wrench system. We also liked that the plunge locking leaver was opposite of the on / off trigger so that the operator can actually lock the router down in place with left hand during operation.

Our first cuts with the Bosch 1619EVS revealed what we expected, a well made tool that performed up to our expectations. We had started off with a large roundover bit and some red oak. The router’s soft start soon had the bit up to speed without trying to jerk the router out of our hands with all 3.25 horse power. As we dug into some red oak the motor barely slowed then gathered up speed again and ploughed through the oak without any effort. A challenge for any router and this one with the constant speed showed it worth. The bit never slipped and the router moved through the job just like it was designed.




 We did change bits to see what the nut and collet assembly system was like and Bosch’s auto extracting bit feature was a nice surprise, the bits literally fell out of place when changing.

 This test was a pleasure for us, we really like this tool, lots of power, convenient to use, a number of accessories available for it and a generally well built and well designed tool. Definitely a thumbs up for this unit!


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