Any ROUTER with a ROUND OVER BIT is probably one of the most used combinations in woodworking. Virtually every woodworker has at least one router and one of the first and most useful bits they will ever purchase is the round over bit. If you are like me, you problably have a few different sizes of these too.

Round over bits are great ... MOST of the time, but sometimes with the direction the grain runs on some wood that round over bit you love so much will actually tear out or rip the grain of that wood you are trying to round over. Very often the tear-out is hard to see, but run your hand over it and sure enough, it's rough. There is nothing left to do except hopefully sand the rough part down, and hope it doesn't have to be sanded down so far that it starts to become an obvious flaw in the piece.

Does this sound familiar to you ... you bet it does, has happened to all of us. But no worries, Feud to the rescue with their introduction of Quadra Cut bits. The difference with these bits is they now have 4 cutter heads in stead of 2 like most other router bits. So why 4 cutters instead of 2, well the answer is a few reasons.     

First of all a bit with 4 cutters, especially when using a roundover bit, the cut will be smoother with much less chance of any wood tearout.This is especially true on cross grain. Tearour or rough cutting can still happen, but IF it happens at all it will be minimized. the second advantabe to 4 cutters instead of 2 is that the bit will tend to last longer, or at least stay sharper longer as each of the 4 cutters is doing less work. This means the carbide is less suseptible to wear.


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