Have you ever stopped to think about woodworking clamps? Do you have any idea how many different kinds there are, not to mention their uses? ... We were absolutely blown away when we started to investigate the different types of clamps, uses and brands. Long gone are the days when some a few simple clamps would do the trick for you. Now we need to have all sorts of different types, different sizes and in some cases specialty clamps are needed.

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But it's ALL GOOD!! ... because clamps make our lives much easier. They speed up project times and ease and contribute to making complex woodworking project easier to do. Take a moment and see what we discovered about clamps.

The history of clamps appears somewhat vague, depending on who you listen to, but whats really important is what selection of clamps we have now and how they are used.

 The most common clamps in use today are used for glueing boards together or for glueing projects together. These clamps are normally long clamps and use steel pipe or bar material as the medium to pull and hold parts together.

Somewaht new to the market are the quick release variety of clamps. These come from a variety of manufacturers and some are good while others are not as smooth to use and can be frustrating and cumbersome to use. These are among the most popular and widely used clamps as the design is so quick and handy to use ... AND they come in a variety of sizes. We prefer Irwin clamps based on their higher quality of manufacture. They work smoothly and well constructed .... to last !!.

Then there is the whole world of speciaty clamps that seem to come in an ever widening assortment of types, angles and sizes. The purpose of these is to help woodworkers who are engaged in special projects that traditional clamps are akward to use or take too much time to set up, and risk having glue start to set before the project is securely clamped.

We can't forget about all those old tradional clamp and hand clamps that all STILL have multitudes of use in the workshop, hand clamps, "C" Clamps and Deep Throat bar clamps ... all are still very usefull, needed and as popular as ever.

And now for two of my all time favorite clamps, picked because they make my life easier, are quick and handy to use and produce remarkable results ... that make ME look good ... The Assembly Square Clamp is one of the most useful tools I own. I squares up and holds onto the sides of my projects at the same time ... I cannont speak highly enoug of this incredible invention.