Seumas McCombie has invented a innovative sliding table top jig for table saws that makes cutting safer and more accurate. By simply clamping this jig to your standard table saw you can make single person cuts to material up to 30 feet long while keeping the material 100% pallerall to the saw blade.

 The concept of the Original Jimmy Jig is a new saw fence technology. It stands out in the crowd and has the simple answer for the table saw's short comings because this technology is the only concept that has the rip fence as an integral part of the platform which simply makes more sense. This concept will simplify the handling and cutting of sheet material, at the same time eliminates the need for these large and permanently mounted side and out feed tables. It will retrofit any table saw large or small and with many other cutting tools, like a router, attached to a spare insert and placed inside the aperture for your router operations , it doubles as a router table, it also has a unique splitter that is 4 ins long. On the fence up front of the blade the automatic hold-down and hold-in will adjust automatically to changes in material width and height up to 8ins in width and 4 ins in height.

 The apertured platform; 5ft.long by 2ft. 6ins. wide, which allows the passage of the jig to bypass the cutting tool and also expands the support area on all sides of the blade and the tabletop's envelope, weighing approximately 30lbs. It is portable, removable and can be hung on the wall allowing the floor space to be used for other woodworking operations. This platform concept will also accommodate a router or any other cutting tool with a blade protruding through a table top The router can be placed any distance along the said aperture being utilized as a vertical jointer using a large straight cutter.The fixed 3in.high by 5/8in.thick fence is ideal for the attachment of other shop built jigs, and extends beyond the front and back of the jig enhancing the control of the the material being cut

“I have gone to great depths to eliminate the dangers on a table saw, in particular the dangerous kick-back, with all my safety devices placed up front of the cutting tool or blade, infact every thing is up front excepting the splitter which is 4 in long , not a slim 3/4 in and it is the only table saw fence system that uses the only true fixed fence technology , copied my many but never utilized to the full extent of the original , only on the original , Seumas is a Carpenter, joiner and cabinetmaker to trade , learning his trade the old fashioned way, with hand tools, thank you for your interest” Writes Seumas

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