If you are under the impression the Festool Circular saws were just another run-of-the-mill circular saw ... Boy! are you wrong. These two circular saws are revolutionary ... Finally someone has made a circular saw for woodworkers, not just for carpenters. These saws will deliver precision cuts, which is what woodworkers are looking for. If you are in construction or building houses, these circular saws will work fine for, as will many others, but if you are a "woodworker" you need to look at these saws ... they may change what you thing about your tool collection - in fact, you may be thinking of selling some tools to acquire one of these little gems ...


The Festool Circular saws come in two versions the TS 55 , the smaller version and the TS 75 the slightly bigger more powerful version, which is the one we will talk about here.

  The TS 75 has a number of features such as.. 

1) the 13 amp motor, with blade speeds from 1350 to 3550 RPM on the 8.25" blade - and a soft start which means it won't jerk the saw our of your hands when you first start it up

2) these are plunge cut circular saws, which means you can accurately make cut in the middle of a sheet of plywood and KNOW it will be dead on

3) splinter control is almost eliminated by a small (replaceble) plastic guide near the cutting edge of the saw

4) accurate depth cuts are (within one millimeter or about 1/16 inch), and the maximum depth of cut is almost three inches

5) blades are easy to change and come in a wide variety of types

6) dust control ... very important to woodworkers (or at least it should be) with very good functioning dust collection adapter and hose

7) and best of all the Festool system uses a guide rail system for accuracy that rivals high quality panel or table saws.  Basically the saw sits in the guide rail system and runs smoothly along it to make the most accurate cuts you can imagine. If you are ordering one of these, make sure you get at least one rail, two is better ... AND there is even a connector so you can connect the rails together to make it as long as you need

 This revolutionary product can replace an expensive panel saw, and it's portable. the main advantage with the Festool Circular Saw system is that you are taking the smaller tool to the work rather than trying lug heavy doors or sheets of plywood to the tool ... like you would with a panel or table saw.

The wood gets to lay flat where it is stable and you don't have try to juggle it on the saw or call the next door neighbor over for help. It is deadly accurate, safe an highly functional.

This is one of the best systems we have seen in many, many years .... do yourself a favor, check out the Festool Circular saws ... you won't be disappointed.

Copyright Colin Knecht