Yikes ... this detail sander saves a lot of time, not to mention frustration. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I take on projects. Recently I was asked if I could "just sand a chair " that one of the neighbours down the street was re-finishing. I said sure, bring it over. After all how tough could it be to sand an old wooden chair ... or so I thought. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision I would have to be doing a star-performance sanding job on restoring an onld windsor chair that was said to be over 100 years old. This was not going to be a job for the belt sander !!!

This was a "very special project" I was told ... only when they brought the chair over. "That's why we asked you to do the sanding". Great ... it's a special deal and now I have to treat it with extra special care. Oh did I mention I would be doing this for free !!! ... yeah, that's me, the good guy on the block. I knew my trusty Bosch five inch orbital was going to be of minimal help and I didn't want to spend the next month of my life hand sanding ALL THE DETAIL of this chair. I decided to take a trip to my local hardware store to see what new things they might have that would be in my price range that would help me out with this. I love the tool guys at the hardware store, when you ask them about a "budget priced tool" .. they don't even slow down. I guess to them, everyone has endless money.

They started by telling me they had just taken on this new line of tools "Festool" they told me an within the line was this great little detail sander. As usual, I asked the price and as usual they ignored me and went ahead an began demoing the tool. WoW ... that was great I thought, look how it chewed it's way around corners, this would be ideal for that windsor chair project. Then they reminded me that for most people sanding is the worst job, and that as a woodworker "I would know how important a good sanding job is to the final finish of the woodwork project".
Well ... I had to agree with them and at that point I knew I was going to be leaving with the tool. the good new is when I go it home and began using it, I was truly astonunded how well it worked ... and fast too. I cleaned up that old chair in no time and did an excellent job ... and in the end I got myself a new tool. Yeah they are a bit on the pricey side, but we all know to get a good tool the last, we have to invest a bit of money. No I know I can tackle any size project and not have to worry that the sanding is going to get to me .
Hmmm .... maybe I'll even charge a wee bit for the next "sanding project" I am invited to take on. 
Copyright Colin Knecht