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Table Saw Alignment using a Table Saw Gauge

 One of the most used and valued tools in any workshop is the table saw. Of all the tools that most woodworkers own the table saw is usually the first major tool they purchase (closely followed by the band saw) and the one that is the most invaluable in the shop. Unfortunately, most table saws are out of alignment, evne brand new out-of-the-box. How do I know this, well the first clue is that wood that is run through these saws are often "burned", which can be an indicator, also you can hear ringing sound or a zing at the end of a cut, and often a bit of a ragged edge. All of these are indicators that a table saw is out alignment.

Accessories for your Drill Press

 Wouldn't you just hate to be a drill press. Can you imagine a more un-exciting tool? It seems to have only ever have one use, drilling holes, which of course it does very nicley, which is why everyone who doesn't have one wants one, and everyone who does have one wants a better one. When you look around a bit, you find that there are indeed other things that a drill press can do ... no, none of them are particularly exciting but they can save you time and in the workshop, saving time often means doing a better job and getting things done quicker so you can spend time doing the projects you like.

Are Your Squares Accurate? ... You Might be Surprised

 There is no magic in making quality woodwork projects, it only takes patience and accurate measurements. The patience I am working on, the accurate measurements I rely on others to make quality tools that I purchase and use. Turns out, relying on others to make quality tools is a bit hit and miss. I have three small fixed squares, two inexpensive plastic versions and one steel, brass wood combination (my favorite) I paid over $25 for, and expected that I was purchasing a fine measuring tool ... note that I said "expected" ... click below to see what I really got.

Purchasing Your Table Saw

 A friend of mine called me the other day "I need to buy an new table saw" he told me. "Why" I asked, "did you wear out your current one" (jokingly). "No, I gave it away to your brother-in-law". Now I have heard of lots of excuses to get a new table saw, but that was one of the better ones. "So I need to buy and new saw, what should I look for" he asked. Sure ... now I need to tell him everything he needs to know about buying a new table saw over the phone. Well ... here's what I told him ... 

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