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Bosch Portable Router Table RA1200

 Although this unit can easily be classified as a portable tables, which are often skeptical about, we loved this Bosch table saw. The Bosch 4100 comes as a basic “worksite table saw”, that is, you put it on a couple of saw horses or some other sort of bench, or you can purchase an optional two-wheel portable stand.


Lets talk first of all about the saw itself. Although the actual table top is not that large (22” x 29”) it is still a good useable size. One of the features that sets this unit apart from some of it’s competitors is the ripping fence. This unit has a very good, accurate fence system. And if it goes our of alignment, it is easy to re-set it. The quick-lock system of the fence holds if firmly in place and is also and adjustable feature. You can snug the fence down by adjusting the tightness level that suits you best.


Next we looked a blade changes, because as you know, we almost never use the blades that are supplied with tables saw, not even this Bosch. We discovered that after raising the blade to get better access to the 5/8 arbor nut, the locking mechanism was lever that locks the blade so that the wrench can be used to release the arbor nut holding the blade. The wrench for changing blades is conveniently and securely attached to the side of the table saw.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1171


Table top router tables very popular owing to their portability and low cost. The Bosh Benchtop Router Table is an exceptional product in a field of less than adequate products. Just looking at the table, you can tell that someone gave some thought to actually creating a portable router table but one that is still strong, flexible and rugged enough to do most serious routing jobs.


The MDF laminated top of the Bosh Benchtop Table is very sturdy and equipped with a high quality aluminum insert plate that is pre-drilled for a variety of different routers. What we really liked about this unit was the two dust collection ports. Dust is always a problem with routers and having more ports to collect that dust is always better.


The tall aluminum fence that also supports a couple of feather boards (also included with this unit) are particularly nice for taller woodworking pieces. Like most router tables this one also includes bit guard, the difference with this one is that it looks like it was designed to be effective and not simply some annoying accessory to be removed.

We like the fact that this table is enclosed under the table and that there is a separate off / on switch for the router that is installed in the table. Often fumbling with switch on the router that is mounted under the table is annoying and can be dangerous in some instances. Moving the switch to outside is a big plus.


Despite the fact that this is a  bench top router table, and some may call it a portable, the Bosch Benchtop router table is no lightweight at a hefty 42 pounds.


If you are looking for a smaller bench top router, or you need a second router table, this is one we would highly recommend.

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Bosch 1613AVES Plunge Router

Although this is something of the little brother of the 3.25 Hp Bosh Plunge router, we very much liked this smaller version. If you don’t need all the routing horsepower of the bigger Bosch, this is certainly one to consider. Again, we prefer the plunge routers if they are your only router, we just find them more versatile.


The Bosch 1613AVES Plunge Router is another well thought out tool and even with a bit smaller motor will still do pretty much anything most woodworkers will need … admittedly you may need to take a couple or even three passes with the bigger  panel bits, but this unit will still perform.

We liked how well the tool was designed and that it had all the options we look for, sort-start, constant speed under load, variable speed, off / on switch on handle, both half and quarter inch collets included, micro adjustment plunge stop and lock down leaver.

 When we tested this tool there were no surprises, it ran smooth as glass like all the other Bosch routers we have tested and although it didn’t have the power, it also didn’t have the weight.



We felt this tool would be an excellent buy for anyone looking for  any router, your first or you fifth router, it works well, utilizes all the accessories and does a great job, we liked this fine Bosch tool.

Bosch Plunge Router 1619EVS

We were looking forward to testing this tool from Bosch. In our opinion the plunge router is probably the most useful if it is your only router and this Bosch 1619EVS is a whopping 3.25 horse power, which is touted as maintaining constant speed under load.


We started by having a good look at the tool and what we found were some innovative ideas and designs. The depth adjustment knob has both fine and coarse adjustments on it and the spindle lock on the front is convenient and easy to see. The variable speed switch is near the top of the router, although we would have liked to see this closer to the trigger, we were happy the unit had the control. We also liked the new design for the depth control stops, although we wondered if they would have the versatility that for a woodworker that other units already have. The off / on switch is nicely integrated into the right hand grip which makes this control very nice and comfortable to use. Like many routers the Bosch 1619EVS uses the spindle lock system to change bits rather than the two-wrench system. We also liked that the plunge locking leaver was opposite of the on / off trigger so that the operator can actually lock the router down in place with left hand during operation.

Our first cuts with the Bosch 1619EVS revealed what we expected, a well made tool that performed up to our expectations. We had started off with a large roundover bit and some red oak. The router’s soft start soon had the bit up to speed without trying to jerk the router out of our hands with all 3.25 horse power. As we dug into some red oak the motor barely slowed then gathered up speed again and ploughed through the oak without any effort. A challenge for any router and this one with the constant speed showed it worth. The bit never slipped and the router moved through the job just like it was designed.




 We did change bits to see what the nut and collet assembly system was like and Bosch’s auto extracting bit feature was a nice surprise, the bits literally fell out of place when changing.

 This test was a pleasure for us, we really like this tool, lots of power, convenient to use, a number of accessories available for it and a generally well built and well designed tool. Definitely a thumbs up for this unit!