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Assembling the Kreg Bench Top Router Table

I try and get involved with as many tools as I can so I can see which ones I like and which ones to avoid. Since I can't afford to purchase every tool, not do I have the room, I use every opportunity to check out new tools.
In this video I get to help a friend of mine, Bob, assemble his new Kreg router table. Since I have never had the opportunity to really look at this unit, helping to put it together is a perfect way to see the working details.

When I first saw the box, I wondered how they could pack everything into such a small box, but everything was there, right down to every nut and bolt. If you have never assembled one of these before, you really do need to read the instructions. There are a lot of different pieces and a lot holes where things could get installed but shouldn't be. As usual, laying out all the parts before you get started, assuming you have the room is always best.

Putting the legs and braces together is always first and I liked how supplied nuts and bolts that really locked the frame solidly as you were assembling it.
Once the legs are assembled the next thing is to attache the top ...

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Buying Refurbished Tools

Every tool manufacture gets back broken or defective tools. Sometimes they are deficient in manufacture, other times customer s actually break them ( often but claim otherwise), regardless of the reason, tools break and very often manufacturers take them back.

So, what do they do with these tools you ask?  Well, some are destroyed, others used as parts and others still are refurbished for re-sale. In the industry they are called “refurbs”, and they are often retailed at 30% - 50% less than new-in-box (NIB) tools. Depending on the manufacturer and the tool, there may or may not be a warranty with the tool and if there is it may or may not be the same as the NIB tool.

The real question for most woodworkers is “are these tools worth purchasing”?, and the quick answer is yes they are, but there are a few things to watch for.

Some refurbs come in brown packaging while others come in what looks like new original boxes. Either way, they are still refurbs and there are 5 important things to look for,  such as ...

1 – Most important – is the tool a brand name, well recognized tool brand or is it knock-off or lower quality made tool. If the tool is a brand name tool, like Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Delta, Ridgid and so on, it is probably a good buy. Walk away from brand names that look and feel cheap and are names that you don't recognize, unless you are willing to risk your investment.

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Tips for Table Saw Tune Ups

table saw tune upThe table saw is one of the most important tools in your workshop but in order for it to run smoothly and efficiently, some follow-up maintenance is required. The steps below instruct and detail how to keep your table saw cutting smoothly and safely.

When is a table saw tune up required?

Your table saw will normally provide some helpful indications guiding you on just what adjustments need to be made, and how soon. If the blade cuts straight but at the very end, breaks off more stock than required, this will be accompanied by a ringing sound (as it straightens after deflection). Another sign: if the saw blade is not perfectly parallel to the fence, there will be burn marks on the wood. However, with this last sign you need to be careful since cutting too slowly will also cause burning.

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