Woodworking tools come in many different versions and sometimes they verge on being more home reno tools than actuall woodworking tools, but it really depends on the kind of woodworking projects you make ... doesn't it. Not everyone I know makes furniture or musical instruments out of dimensional boards, plywood or MDF. I do have some acquaintences that actually make furniture out of ... well ... sticks. At least larger limbs of trees and such and even some who things like wicker type products. For these people a tablesaw is a useless tool, a bandsaw is far more useful and a hand portable saws even more useful ...

ENTER the Master Mind 3" Compact Circular Saw. Not only is this a highly versatile tool because of the types of blades it can use, it has the ability to hold the tool at different angles to get maximum control of the tool as you use it. Included with the saw is a precsion Laser Light so that you can see exactly where the blade will be cutting and therefore the most accurate cuts available are possible. If you are cutting things like tile, which can be very dusty, there is  a dust chute available to help control the dust and keep your working environment healthier. The little 2.8 amp motor kicks out at 2800 RPM so cutting through most things is a breeze.

Whether you are doing reno work or some sort of diversified woodworking projects, this little saw could be invaluable to making your work flow easier.

masermind case
Compact Precision 3'' Circular Saw, with FREE Replacement Blades ($30 Value!)
Make plunge cuts to the middle of your workpiece with ease and accuracy using the Compact Precision 3'' Circular Saw! Ideal for laminate or anywhere you need small, precise cuts the bigger saws can't give you. 3-position handle lets you choose your cutting angle for maximum precision and control SmartTrak Laser/Light Guided Systemâ„¢keeps you on your cutting line Dust ejection chute lets you connect to a dust collection system Includes three carbide-tipped general purpose blades Plus, Rockler Exclusive Offer! Includes two additional replacement blades! ($30 value). Compact Precision 3