One of the reasons I don't use as much plywood as I could is because it is too hard to handle. I love plywood for many reasons. It's strong, usually very stable (at least depending on the quality of plywood you purchase), you can use it for MANY different projects, it takes veneering easily so even inexpensive wood can look like a million bucks.

The biggest drawback with plywood is handling it safely. Many of us do not have a workshop large enough to manage ripping a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood in, and certainly not safely when we are alone ... which is much of the time. On the occasions that I do need to purchase and use plywood, I bring it home, put it on sawhorses and cut it with my circular saw. That is the only easy and safe way to handle it. Unfortunately I have to make sure it is not a rainy day ... which also cuts my options down. For years I have dreamed of having a panel saw. I have even seen plans where I can make my own, but just am not sure how good it would be.

Wouldn't you know it ... someone had finally come out with a panel saw that is affordable and sizable for small woodworking shops. If you are a production shop, a panel saw is a must, and you need a good one, but if you are a home hobbyist, making a few item ... maybe a few for sale, a panel saw would be a real benefit, well now you can own your own affordable panel saw.

Depending on the kind of projects you are making, having a panel saw could be the safest and quickest way for you to create your projects, and having a panel saw that is easy to use ... easy to set up ... and easy to store, is a real bonus. What I like is that you can even cut dimensional lumber with this unit. No, it is not a substitute for a table saw, but it could be used to augment your table saw or your crosscut saw, and with a couple of easy to make jigs, you could make 45 degree cuts and a whole host of diverse uses.

This little tool has all the basic requirements for a small workshop in terms of tool features, and it can easily be moved to a job site if you are doing reno work. The saw includes a powerful 15 amp / 120 volt motor so it will fit any circumstance you have. It even has optional parts if you want to make your panel saw even more useful by adding extensions.

This is a great little product for serious home hobbyists and for smaller commercial shops.


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