Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse When you're working in your workshop and getting frustrated with the constant switches between sawhorses, clamps and supports and feeling the need of help around the shop, look no further than the Rockwell RK9000. This beauty is designed to replace multiple tools in your workshop so even when it's just you it feels like you suddenly have an extra set of hands.

We found the Rockwell 9000 easy enough to assemble straight out of the box and though you can make use of the instructions manual shipped with it, we didn't feel the need to. A bevy of accessories were included in the box along with the jawhorse itself:

  • Log Jaw
  • Plywood Jaw
  • Welding Jaw
  • Miter Saw Station
  • Saddlebag
  • Worktable

The Rockwell impressed us with its durability and quality: its steel manufacture is very sturdy although some of its plastic cards did cause us some concern. Overall, however it boasts a very solid chassis.

One of its unique features includes a clamping "jaw" activated by a foot pedal which no longer necessitates the use of individual clamps. It also works well as a workbench for sanding, marking or cutting stock. It also helps in securing an object to the clamp without losing grip on the piece itself using an awe inspiring 2,000 lbs of sheer force. There is a downside to all this power, however: it may end up inadvertently crushing your work piece. We also noticed a tendency for the Rockwell to slide when "pumping" the pedal if attention deviates for a moment. However, this balances itself out in a way by featuring a good hard rubber surface creation friction and protecting the work pieces from any damage. Specially designed notches in the jawhorse's surface allow for irregular shaped objects or work pieces like pipes to be held between its jaws as well. The clamp can be released easily by simultaneously sliding the locking switch off and pushing against the foot pedal until you hear a soft click.

Rockwell Jawhorse Review from Homefixated:

During working with some of the accessories that came with it particularly the Plywood Jaw, which allows for clamping sheet goods to up to 52 inches in width. When you use it to clamp plywood pieces, the advantage becomes immediately apparent: it's now a lot easier and safer to cut plywood using the saw of your choice, without worrying it will tip or fall over while you're working on it.

When it comes to storage, the Rockwell RK9000 has it all figured out: simply fold up store it away, easy enough and combined with its roller wheel at the bottom, we also found it easy to maneuver in and around the work shop. In its "stored up" mode, it takes barely any space in your workshop and you'll barely notice it's there.

Summing up, the Rockwell Rk9000 Jawhorse is an excellent tool that makes safety in the workshop its top priority, especially when it comes to holding down your work pieces. And for less than $180, it provides great value for money.

Highly recommended.