The Marketing & PR department over at Oneida has to be pretty good one, claiming as they have that it successfully retains 99% dust, using a mini cyclone attaching onto a 5 gallon bucket lid which in turn, acts as a particle separator for a shop vac.

That’s a pretty tall order, so we investigated. The “secret” to a clean work space is keeping dust to a minimum and if you value your sanity, you’ll agree. But there doesn’t seem to be an adequate dust collector on the market emptying out the shop vac and maintaining a high suction level. But, as you may have noticed, shop vacs are noisy.

We came into the review with high hopes and expectations, judging by the stellar reviews given by other woodworking communities and haven’t been disappointed so far putting it into operation the moment we got our hands on it. After ensuring our shop vac tub and filter were as clean as possible, we took a look at the filter after use and were amazed to see only a light coat of dust inside. This came after using Dust Deputy for a week AND emptying out the 5 gallon bucket five times, making this appliance a godsend.

We individually bought the cyclone from Rockler for $60 plus shipping, and because we had the extra hoses and shop vac attachments, didn’t require the full kit. However, if you don’t have the hoses and attachments we would recommend purchasing the full kit at $100.

Having attached the cyclone the bucket’s lit, we cut a ½” plywood piece to the inside of the lid to serve as reinforcement. Filling the 5 gallon bucket to about 1/3 of its volume with 16 penny framing nails, and inserting the Dust Deputy bucket inside the bucket of nails ensures that it won’t fall over. However, we would recommend constructing a cart to hold the two as a long term measure.

Though the price of the Dust Deputy is a bit on the higher side, it will also save you time and money spent cleaning out your shop vac filter. Furthermore, there is no drop in suction power with a hose’s extended length. We give it a 4 out of 5 stars for its perfect performance and highly recommend that you add it to your shop environment.