Kreg 90 Degree Corner ClampsAmateur woodworkers will recognize the annoyances that are involved in clamping 90 degree corners and though there are several corner clamps on the market, we decided to pick up a few pieces of Kreg’s new corner clamps. These clamps although ideal for pocket hole joinery, are really equally suitable for any 90 degree joints.

Kreg’s Corner clamps can only, as the name suggests, be used for clamping degree joints which could include picture frames, box and drawer constructions, shelving or T-joints. They are built with heat treated steel and have a nickel plated finish for sustainability and long-lasting effectiveness. The new adjustment nut added to the adjustable spring loading mechanism is great, making adjustments both fast and easy.¬ The clamp is easily releasable without extensive force via the blue rubber coated clamp release. It is ideal for woodworking and cabinet construction owing to its ability to be set for varying thickness levels up to 1.25” (1 ¼”).

There is one fixed blue steel clamp surface with inset 90 degree faces to assist in accuracy during construction. Its unique design allows it to be used for constructions like fixing shelves, instaling drawer dividers or in box-holes. The clamp surfaces are roughly 2” x 1” in width providing a solid clamping surface, preventing damage to the work pieces, especially where soft wood has been used. The secondary mating clamp piece provides a self-squaring joint (preset at a 90 degree angle) as it is set on a screw swivel head.

During use, Kreg’s Clamps are easily clamped and opened, this can easily be done with one hand. During clamping, both pieces are flushed,  making it easier to set the clamps and holding the joint securely level during the time the glue takes to dry. Two Kreg corner clamps hold a T-Joint piece firmly at a 90 degree angle allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere. And while Kreg does manufacture clamps that address this purpose more fully, the 90 degree corner clamp can just as easily be used for pigeon hole joinery, as previously mentioned.

This clamps’ handiness extends to setting shelves into dados and toenailing because they work great to hold the joint at the angle required while you drive in the nails.

Basically, anywhere you need a 90 degree joint to be held together and as long as the material is less that 1.25” thick, these clamps are perfect acting like a pair of hands. This is especially useful if you’re working alone in your workshop,