Stockroom Supply V-Drum Sander KitStockroom Supply sells parts to build a face sanding drum sander. Granted it’s not the full blown thickness sander, but this method suits your needs better.

This is a machine that is nearly idiot-proof once it is assembled. It does not squeeze the wood between two drums, it instead mounts just under the surface of the top. When the motor is started, the velcro attached paper spins and barely raises up off the drum. The more material you want to remove, the coarser the paper used. Sounds weird, but it works!


In the contents of the package you receive a drum that is 2” – 4” thick and 12” – 30” long.  You can even choose the very large 4” x 30” long drum.  You also get a v-link belt and two balanced pulleys to keep vibration down in your kit contents.  You also get two rolls of sandpaper at 100 and 120 grit.

The drum is mounted on a shaft with a bearing on each end. You also get the metal brackets that hold the bearings, so it’s up to you to put it all together and create your product! As an extension you can take an old table and to mount the kit into the table.  You can use a router to machine the hole in the top, and pieces of 2×4 to make the box for the drum.  You can investigate the internet for plans and videos on how to build and operate the final product. The 30” V-Drum Sander Kit leaves one satisfied with all aspects of this drum sander.


Copyright Colin Knecht