Kobalt Portable CompressorHave you ever thought that your air compressor was too big, bulky, and noisy for the minimal amount of time that you use it and find yourself wondering why you keep it around?  Trade it in for a new system that works excellently for the smaller work shop spaces.

Lowes’ came up with this great Kobalt Portable CO2 regulator that powers most pneumatic nailers. This unit with the 20 oz CO2 canister can shoot 600 16 gauge brads or 1200 pins. This is the same system that paintball guns use, so refills and extra tanks are readily available. The kits cost around $100 each at Lowe’s and one is worth every penny.   If you don’t use the gun that often or if you do cabinet installation jobs it remains very useful.

The refills are about $10 each, so it’s a great price for a product that turns all your nail guns into cordless machines.  It is very quiet to use and only uses up a small space in your work area.  Another positive is that there is no water vapour in the system so the nail gun lasts longer.  

One complaint there is with the unit is that if there is any small leak along the line anywhere or in the gasket in your gun, you can easily lose the entire canister of CO2 in a matter of minutes and then require a refill. So it is probably a good idea to have a spare refill canister around.  Remember to  turn off the valve!  Still, it’s a pretty good trade off to be able to use a gun without having to lug around the compressor, and look for an outlet.

Even though this will never replace the air compressor, it is an extremely useful and efficient product in many ways especially if you do house calls or minor repair work. It would warrant a five if they built a quicker shut off valve instead of the screw valve.


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