Kreg K3“No self respecting woodworker would use any kind of short cut system to make joints” … that’s what I overheard at a wood show not so long ago. I thought to myself at the time, why would you discount something without ever trying it. I happen to love the Kreg Pocket Hole System and have used it extensively. I have even tested it against other joints, both with and without glue and have found that it not only stands up well but surpasses some joints. In many cases of testing joints with the Kreg System we found that the wood failed before the joint failed.

The real beauty of the Kreg Pocket Hole System is that it is easy to use, fast and accurate (with or without glue). Kreg has made it a point to make a tool that even a novice woodworker can use and make quality, solid joints.

Hey … the truth is, not everyone has the means or talent to make mortise and tenon joints on everything they make, and by the way, have you ever looked at these joints, making perfect mortise and tenon joints is craft in it ‘self. The other point is that not every joint needs to have the massive structural advantage of mortise and tenon and that’s where the Kreg K3 Pocket Hole System shines.

Kreg Jig SystemOne of the key elements in the Kreg Pocket Hole Master System is the screws they provide. I can tell you from experience that using only the Kreg screws is highly recommended. I have never had one “snap a head or shank” which I can’t say with the lesser quality off-shore brands. If you are not convinced, the first time you have to dismantle a piece of furniture to remove a broken off shank that is embedded in a piece or white oak … you will agree with me that paying a tiny bit more for quality screws is well worth the investment.

The Kreg Pocket Hole System allows for all sorts of combinations for joint, either permanent or temporary, with or without glue. If you want to make furniture for your home, cottage or office and don’t have the time or equipment to make “traditional joints”, you will not be disappointed with the Kreg Jig Master System. You will be able to make quality furniture in less time … and actually have time to enjoy it too ….