DeWalt has worked hard over the years to establish itself as a reputable tool provider and their efforts have paid off. The DC720KA is a real workhorse in the DeWalt line. Packing 18 volts of power means this drill will do almost any job around the house and for more serious woodworkers, this unit is serious work tool.

 Despite the fact this tool is carrying 18 volts worth of battery power and yes, it is somewhat heavy at 4.8 lbs (at least in our opinion) as can be expected, DeWalt seems to have been able to offset the weight issue by keeping the balance and grip of the tool such that it is easy to handle. We found the drill easy to use for extended periods and the extra power and battery life made this tool a must have.

 The unit has two speed settings, a high speed setting used more for drilling, particularly through wood and a slower speed setting often used more for power work or for driving screws. The speed selector switch is readily available and slides easily between positions.

One of the things we look for in testing cordless drive / driver units is the maximum speed of the drill. In this case the DeWalt DC720KA has a variable speed range in both high and low speed ranges and peaks at a very nice 1700 RPM. To compliment the speed setting is a 17 position  clutch setting which again works in both high and low speed settings, and when combined with the variable speed trigger, this drill can be used for almost any conceivable drilling or driving application.

 One nice feature of this tool is the LED light which, at first, we thought was not all that useful but then began to thing of all the number of times we are in confined areas, trying to drill holes, or more ‚Ķ trying to drive screws and having a light on the drive to actually see what you are doing in huge benefit, so to that we say Great !

 The last thing we look at is the chuck. For general purpose drill / driver units we prefer keyless chucks and this unit provides that. One of the disadvantage with some keyless chucks is their tendency to loosen with use, we did not find that with this tool. Both drill bits and drive bits were gripped firmly until we elected to remove them.

 Overall we were quite happy with this drill, we liked the power, the gripping power of the chuck and found the battery life for our testing purposes was excellent. From out testing this appeared to be another great tool from DeWalt.