For a mid-level price saw, in my opinion, you cannot beat this saw.  The motor. 1 1/2 HP is  quiet compared to other saws we have tried.We also like the positioning of the off/on switch, although it did take a while to get used to, but we soon remembered where it was and found it to be in a handy, convenient location.

After assembly, it gave me true and accurate cuts right out of the box. something that I was impressed with, but you should check your own, you might not be so lucky.


Although the fence system is good, it not fantastic. Like most fences I wish it was a bit longer, but then I wish that about my sailboat every time I take it out too. I like the saw because it is sturdy and well built like all Jet equipment and feels comfortable to use.

The trunions (which hold up the blade assembly) are extra heavy, which is one of the primary features that sold me on this saw. Nothing is more annoying than having to re-aligh the blade every few cuts and this one will really button down that trunion assemble unit.


If you watched the video, you have seen the features this saw has.

All in all, this is an excellent saw and an excellent value.