This is a low end fairly cheap 3 wheel bandsaw, so my rating takes that into account. In other words, the rating has a "for the price" (which is around $150) qualifier. When the bandsaw arrived, I just had to bolt the feet on, bolt the table on and then plug it and test it. There was a 1/4" blade preinstalled. But the speed control did not function properly.

After I turned it up to high it would not turn back down. I also had a bent knob screw. I contacted Grizzly and they sent replacements. The replacements had the same problems. I contacted them again and this time a technician called me and promised to hand inspect and test the parts before sending them. He did and they work fine.

If you need to use the saw for ripping stock, I have used TimberWolf blades in the saw and I would recommend getting a 3/8" 4 TPI PC blade with some caveats. The stiffer blades are harder to change. They do not warrant their blades at this length. You should use it only for ripping straight, which it does *much* better than the thinner blades that are recommended for the saw. Don't saw curves and don't back up any at all while the blade is in motion or you may break it. Use less tension than required for other blades. Run at about 1/2-2/3 speed. It will be much louder with the TW blade. You should put it on immediately before use and take it off immediately after use. With all those caveats, why do I recommend this? Because it will rip 4/4 stock ignoring drift 8/4 stock if you account for drift. And I mean rip it well; nice straight edges.

For general purpose blades, the best source I have found is Sears. They have a 1/8" 15TPI that is great for fine work on thin boards and a 3/8" 6 TPI that is good for most uses.

The dustport fits a 1.25" vacuum hose and is positioned perfectly. I get no noticable dust in the air and there is very little inside the machine when I clean it after use.

It runs fairly quietly. I use it in an attached garage while others are watching TV or sleeping a couple of rooms away.


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