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Rockwell Bladerunner Review

Rockwell Bladerunner ReviewThe Rockwell Bladerunner is an economical tool designed for constructing small projects and is, from that perspective, a great tool for home-based woodworkers. Its main function is serving as a bench top machine and with its dimensions (15 ¾" wide by 17" deep), we think it's the perfect size. The table surface measuring 9 ¼" above the surface of the machine is all brushed steel panels and inset T-miter slots, which in turn accept the included miter gauge. One miter slot runs side-to-side meeting the second running front-to-back all across the table. The case comes with rubber soled corners which helps in reducing sound transmissions. With the table edges being square (despite the corners clipped at 45 degree angles), aftermarket shop built jigs, clamp-on fences and other specialty operations can be used with relative ease.

While the Bladerunner's blade guard (with built in dust port) is included and provides rudimentary functionality, it can be adjusted at any height to accommodation different material thicknesses. The lever operated pressure foot keeps the woodpiece down and over all, the port is pretty straightforward. It includes a twist-in connector measuring 1 ½" in diameter which will fit major shop vacuum hoses. Over all, though, the dust collection system does a decent job as long as the guard is down during operation.

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

DeWalt DW788 Scroll SawWhen we received the DeWalt DW 788 Scroll Saw it came in a sturdy package measuring 12 x 22 x 30 inches with plenty of insulation for the additional parts: the saw body, cast iron table and a ziplock bag with several blades, mounting screws and a hex wrench. The assembly of the machine is pretty simple and relatively straightforward involving sliding the table's rear onto the cylindrical pin located on the saw's lower arm, attaching it with two hex bolts to the bevel scale. Slide in the saw blade and it's ready to go.

In terms of how the machine is set up, the scroll's base has a 25x10.5" footprint although combined with the table brings the saw's footprint to about 33x16". The saw comes with an optional stand but during operation, we noticed the low center of gravity coupled with its intrinsic weight and a lace of vibration, making bolting down the unit largely unnecessary. Another optional accessory is the work light which can be attached through two screws to the rear left arm.

Bosch Saw GCM12SD Review

Bosch Axial Glide Miter Saw GCM12SD ReviewOne of the first things we noticed about the Bosch saw during initial testing was the vast difference in its appearance against the other saws available for the woodworking market. The company has chosen to integrate a 2-axis multi joint arm system with 12 sealed precision ball bearings which results in awesomely smooth traveling and fine control. Bosch has taken the sliding rail system and gone ballistic with its implementation bringing out a product that can, in our opinion, easily handle 1/32" accuracy. With its sealed ball bearings, you can forget about its performance degrading or the sawing becoming any less smooth over time. The saw also comes with an integrated "glide damper" allowing woodworkers to manoeuvre to different glide actions increasing or decreasing resistance, but the default mode is just fine too. Another key advantage of the kit is its unbelievable space saving capacity: it saves up to 12" of workspace, its arm flush folding into the back of the saw so no matter how small or cramped your shop is you'll always have space for this beauty.

Rockwell SoniCrafter Review

You can always tell a “good idea” when others start imitating you. Such is the case with the Rockwell SoniCrafter Oscillating tool. If you are familiar with the original tool of in this ever expanding field, the Fein Oscillating tool then you will know what the SoniCrafter is like too, at least to some degree. Others have recently brought similar oscillating tools into the market place like Bosch and Dremel. These oscillating type tools are often the kind of tool you think you will likely never need … until the time you finally realize just how handy and time saving they can be. True they are probably not the tool a woodworker might use every day, but for those otherwise very tough and time consuming jobs, these oscillating tools shine.

What we really liked about the Rockwell SoniCrafter is the vast range of accessories that makes this tool as versatile as possible. Not only does it cut things like wood, tile and similar products, it can also grind, shape, sand and polish these items that most other tools are useless at.


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