Beginner guide to woodworking“A Newbie’s Guide to Woodworking” answers common woodworking questions and more! It delivers solid information that woodworking beginners can use and benefit from. We have researched the leading websites and expert information and compiled it all in this convenient book!

There is all kinds of information available today that can help get you into woodworking as a hobby. Why should you spend your time and money investing in books and clubs when you can get everything you need RIGHT HERE!

As a beginner you can be confused by the immense scope of aspects to the wonderful craft of woodworking. To many, this can be frustrating and lead them to give up. However, woodworking can not only be a means of making a living, but for many, it is a fun and rewarding hobby.

In addition, the tools, techniques, and applications have become more advanced and sophisticated. The amazing number of choices can discourage people to get started in this art that is still a progressive experience. This book helps beginners overcome these typical obstacles and find joy in developing their skills.

Plus, you’ll get the complete plans to get started with your own woodworking projects.


  • Introduction
  • Your Work Space    
  • Beginning Tool Box
  • Taking Care of Your Tools
  • Wood Working Glossary
  • Picking Out Your Wood    
  • Shop Safety    
  • Common Mistakes
  • Joints        
  • Butt Joints
  • Dowel Joints
  • Dovetail Joints    
  • Slotted Tenon    
  • Starting Your Projects
  • Make a Magazine Rack
  • Make a Storage Chest
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Make a Workbench
  • Make Some Shelving
  • What if Something Goes Wrong


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