As a novice to wood turning I seem to have had more bad luck than good, but the good news is I am learning as I go along. I acquired some cherry from a neighbor who I shamed into giving me a few pieces which would have otherwise all ended up in the fireplace. The wood was quite green when I got it although it had been cut in the winter when much of the sap had receded into the roots. My fear was that in turning it green it might crack as it dried, so I investigates ways to avoid this.

I found that some people place their rough turned bowls into sealed plastic bags, then every few weeks or so when moisture collects on the inside of the bag, they take the bowl out, turn the plastic bag inside out and put the bowl back in to continue to dry slowly.

Once the bowl gets to a certain dryness the bowl is removed and re-turned to it's final shape and finish. Well I am still waiting for the bowl to dry to it's final stage to allow me to complete the turning and finishing. Now ... can anyone tell me how I will know when it is ready for my final assault on the bowl?



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