One of the joys of woodworking is having people to admire your work. In many cases projects are given away to family and friends or sold so there is little chance for others to see these works.
The solution of course is photographing your work so that you have a life-long record of your achievements, and to display your works in beautiful frames that you can make yourself.

These days most people are using digital cameras to take pictures of their work. If your printer is of high enough quality you can print out your own pictures but for the cost of having digital pictures printed at your local photo finishing store, they do an excellent job and are well worth the small price they charge.

If you have the right  equipment, you can even make your own molding but again, purchasing molding from a supplier will give you bigger choices and save a lot of frustration.


Putting the frames together may also require tools like frame clamps, nail and brad pliers, picture frame clamps and if you really get into making picture frames, you are going to want a Mitre Trimmer to make crisp clean 45 degree cuts. 

Photographing and framing is one of the best things you can do for your finished projects, it helps to advertise you work by not only displaying it (the picture frame) but also showing off the design and construction elements you use.

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