Wood Finishing

Milk Paint - Make Your Projects Look Authentically Antique

 Before there were paint stores, the coating most often used to paint pictures on cave walls, brighten log cabin walls, and furniture, was Milk Paint. It can be traced back as far as 20,000 years but for our purposes the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s are what we are most concerned about. If you are making reproduction furniture and want to replicate a painted finish that is 100 - 200 years old there is nothing better than a milk paint. Sure you can go out and purchase one of the new latex paints, and they are good, but nothing beats the original milk paint it just has something that is difficult if not impossible to mimic in latex or oil paints. If you are making reproduction furniture, milk paint will give your pieces the most authentic look, OR ... if all you want is a safe paint to use, milk paint is your answer. If you want to make your own milk paint, click below to read how you can make authentic looking "antique" furniture.

Wipe On Finishes - Any Good ??

 We all know most woodworkers are literally paranoid about finishing their projects, and who would blame them? Who would want to risk hours of hard work making something, only to have it ruined by the finish. A professional project can be made to look like amateurs made it if the finish is not equally stunning. For this reason an increasing number of woodworkers are opting for one of the many "wipe on finishes" that are available. Manufacturers know this so their solution is to provide as many products as possible to help fill the finishing void. We now find a wide range of products and wonder what they all do or even more ... are these wipe on finishes any good or are they just hype? ....

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