Wood Finishing

How to Stain and Finish Pine

 Staining pine woodworking projects is something almost every woodworker either has done or will do. Pine is such a lovely material to work with, it's easy on the tools, reasonably priced and available almost everywhere. If you have worked with pine you will probably agree one of the challenges of the wood is finishing it, particularly staining it.

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Restoring Cedar Chest Aroma

My wife inherited an old cedar chest from her favorite aunt. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that is estimated to be over 60 years old, and all hand crafted. The only problem with the cedar chest is that it no longer has that wonderful aromatic smell. I looked high and low for products that would some how rejuvenate the wood and bring it back to it’ former aroma. I even tried a bit of cedar extra oil on a small part, but not only did it not work, the small amount of good it did only lasted a few days.

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Wood Preparation is Secret to Finishing Success

 Just bagged a bargain in unfinished furniture? Why not try staining it yourself? Finishing wood is satisfying and simple if you follow some basic guidelines.

"Nothing enhances the natural beauty of solid hardwood more than a good finish, and you don't have to be an expert woodworker to learn the basics," says Susan Regan, executive vice president of the Hardwood Information Center at www.hardwoodinfo.com. "Just remember that the first step is the most crucial. For the best results, take time to sand and prepare the wood very well."

Bruce Johnson, an author and expert on finishing wood, says the same steps can be followed for finishing virtually any interior wood, including doors, cabinets, windows, trim and furniture.

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Photograph - Then Frame Your Projects

One of the joys of woodworking is having people to admire your work. In many cases projects are given away to family and friends or sold so there is little chance for others to see these works.
The solution of course is photographing your work so that you have a life-long record of your achievements, and to display your works in beautiful frames that you can make yourself.

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