Woodworking LightI don't need a flashlight very often when I am doing woodworking tasks, but every now and again I need extra light to see into some part of a machine that needs to be lubricated, tightened, loosened, sharpened or some other adjustment. I always try to have a flashlight handy but every time I go to use it either the batteries are dead, or more often, they are missing because they were taken out to be used in some other "battery craving tool or toy". I have plug-in trouble light, but just as the name indicates, it is more trouble to find the light ... plug it in and then discover the bulb is either broken or simply doesn't work. These kinds of small irritations are what drive me crazy in the workshop.

A few months ago, some dear soul decided to give me a present of a portable light. At first when I looked at it I though ho-hum, another light that will cause me more grief in the workshop ... BUT NO ! This light is different. The batteries are built in, it's a rechargeable, and because someone has thought of using Lithium Ion  batteries, the charge will last MUCH longer than the old NiCad batteries, and the light will deliver a brighter illumination longer with Lithium batteries before they need another charge.

This is a great little unit for the workshop, kitchen or RV ...

Woodworking LED Light

Woodworking Light