I am a huge fan of Titebond glues. I started using them years ago and I like them more and more each time I use them. The latest version is particularly usefull to us woodworkers. It's available in a variety of sizes ... which I like. Now most woodworkers won't think this is particularly useful, but unless you are using HUGE volumes of glue you are better off buying glue is smaller quantities more often, than buying a 45 gallon drum that will last you the rest of your life ... the reason ... glues go off. Glues that are in their liquid state are affected by moisture, sunlight and air. Over time they will oxidize and become liess efficient ... which for me is not worth the effort of a few bucks. When I buy a glue I want it to work the way the manufacturer tells me, and not have to experiment with 5 year old glue, to see how well it will hold my woodworking project. 

Titebond III is a water cleanup glue, which makes ... cleanup less mucky and quick and easy ... and I think most woodworkers appreciate anything that is quick and easy. Titebond III is a waterproof (after it drys) glue, which means it can be used for both interior and exterior applications. And speaking of interior uses, it is also "food safe" which is a big benefit for anyone making bowls or plages on their lathe or making cutting boards.

It does have a fairly short "open time" ... that is the time that you apply the glue to your wood project before you actually clamp it together - this time is only 10 minutes and if it is over seventy degrees it WILL be LESS.

  The advantage to a the short open time is that the glue sets up very quickly, in fact in many applications the clamps can be taken off in only a couple of hours. I seldom do this as I like the insurance of a longer clamp time but it's nice to know that the glue is THAT strong ... and if you don't believe it try some test stips like I did. I'm confident you will be uttterly as amazed as I was!!

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