Woodworking and wood carving appeared thousands years ago. As soon as humanity appeared ancient people started to make items out of wood and stone (we do not know for sure what came first). In the middle ages woodworking became basis of the economy, people build ships, houses, carts, etc and it all required wood.
Nowadays we have more items made of metal, plastic, fabric and glass. There are many reasons why it is so, how ever I would like to give an overview about abilities to do something out wood. Today we will talk about laser wood cutting and laser wood engraving.

A lot of nice things can be done by hand

But also CNC machines can help us to do even more beautiful things like this ...

Machinery woodworking opens a new dimension of art. Machines like this Endurance CNC 3018 with installed 8W laser can do both: wood carving and laser engraving.

Laser can do laser engraving and laser cutting where you need to cut really small pieces like this.

CNC mill with installed 8W laser allows to do really wonderful pieces of art.

Every day we get images from our customers where they share with us of their results.

Powerful diode lasers can cut up to 5-8 mm of wood and plywood.

To run a CNC machine is quite easy and does not require special knowledge and experience.
All you must know is a basic things about gcode


And find the best parameter of a speed, intensity and amount of passes to get the expected result http://endurancelasers.com/laser-cutting-parameters/

We also explained how to use an Inkscape software with JTech Photoinics or Endurance laser plugin to convert an image into a gcode.

We believe that woodworking and laser wood engraving is a nice hobby and also can become a small business doing cool things in a small workshop.

Another interesting option with lasers is making photo laser engraving.

Nothing difficult at all. Just select an image and upload it in a software (ACAN, ACAN mini or CNCC LaserAxe, BenBox, etc)

And all the rest – machine and software will take care.

And at the end you can get such a nice images on a piece of wood or plywood.

So, that was about it we wanted to share about abilities of laser woodworking.

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