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Porter-Cable Invents Keyless Blade Change on Circular Saws

New Quik-Change™ System Enables Users to Change Blades without Tools

JACKSON, Tenn. – Professional builders, framers and remodelers no longer need to stop working and search for the right tool to change the blade on their circular saws. Porter-Cable Corporation, the first company to offer blade right and blade left MAG-SAWS in 1995, introduces the industry’s only circular saw with keyless blade change.

With its one-of-a-kind, Quik-Change™ system, Porter-Cable’s new line of circular saws enables users to easily change the circular saw blade by hand and get the blade as tight, if not tighter, than using a wrench. The hassle-free, keyless blade change system saves time on the jobsite by eliminating the need to locate a wrench or other tool in order to change blades.

The new Porter-Cable circular saws (models 324MAG, 325MAG, 423MAG and 424MAG) feature magnesium housing, which is tougher and lighter than the aluminum housing found on many competing circular saws. The magnesium housing’s durability extends the life of the circular saw and its lighter weight reduces possible physical strain from repetitive use increasing work on the jobsite.

Also, the MAG-SAWS are equipped with a unique, integrated dust collection system improving cutting visibility for more precise and efficient operation. The “dust elbow” of the circular saw can be adjusted in order to blow the dust away from the user, or a vacuum can be attached to the “dust elbow” to create a dust-free work environment. Additional benefits include a new soft-grip handle for comfort, increased line-of-sight for more accurate cuts and extended miter lip on the lower guard for no-hang up cuts.

The new line of Porter-Cable MAG-SAWS provide versatile cuts with a 15 amp motor and 0-50 degree miter capacity with a positive stop ay 45 degrees. An on-board clip keeps the cord away from the 7 ¼” 20T framer Razor™ Blade during operation. The 324MAG and 325MAG are blade right kits, and the 423MAG and 424MAG are blade left kits. An electronic brake is available on models 325MAG and 424MAG. The entire line will be available in March 2004 for approximately $129 to $149.

Porter-Cable Corporation (, a subsidiary of Pentair Inc. (NYSE – PNR), is a leading manufacturer of portable electric and cordless power tools; air nailers, staplers and compressors; generators; pressure washers; and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing and electrical markets. With its manufacturing operation centralized in Jackson, Tenn., Porter-Cable operates a second manufacturing facility in Steinheim, Germany, where its products are produced and sold throughout Europe under the FLEX brand name.

Titebond Glues and Adhesives

 I am a huge fan of Titebond glues. I started using them years ago and I like them more and more each time I use them. The latest version is particularly usefull to us woodworkers. It's available in a variety of sizes ... which I like. Now most woodworkers won't think this is particularly useful, but unless you are using HUGE volumes of glue you are better off buying glue is smaller quantities more often, than buying a 45 gallon drum that will last you the rest of your life ... the reason ... glues go off. Glues that are in their liquid state are affected by moisture, sunlight and air. Over time they will oxidize and become liess efficient ... which for me is not worth the effort of a few bucks. When I buy a glue I want it to work the way the manufacturer tells me, and not have to experiment with 5 year old glue, to see how well it will hold my woodworking project. 

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The Magic of Glues

Fast Cap"Many, many years ago while I was having a small cavity filled in one of my teeth, my dentist told me that the material he was using was originally developed by NASA as a glue, but that it didn't work but had other redeeming qualities ... and now was used white dental cavity filler. Ever since that time I have had a fascination with glues. In the woodwork shop I use mostly white glues, which are more than suitable for most applications I do.

Recently I was involved in a special project with a friend that involved some tricky lamination and a LOT of different parts to be tacked together. I decided it was time to investigate what was available on the market these days in glues ... and here is what I found."

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Dust Control - How to Make it Easy on Yourself

delta dust collector Even woodworkers are tuning in to better health. This must be the reason dust collectors , air purifiers and wet / dry vacs have become the latest topic of conversation. There are all sorts of different studies that show that wood dust is harmful, especially over long periods of time, and even mover harmful to those who already have respiratory problems.

Some leading edge companies have really taken the dust control topic to highly scientific level while others are content to just get on the bandwagon with anything for the marketplace and hope for the best. So what is the best way to choose a dust control system and where does one begin, well, click below to read more ...

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