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Children WoodworkingAre you an avid woodworker who would like to enjoy working on a woodworking project with a child?  With this article, learn how to work together with a youngster on exciting building projects, use real plans and real tools!  Remember that all power tools should be used by an adult and all projects should be undertaken with adult supervision.

Before starting a project with a child, have them understand “If you don't know how to use a tool properly, ask someone for help.”  This would generally be thought of as a safety tip, but it can also make the project easier and help with professional type results.

Vanguard Travel Trailer Rebuild

Last spring we bought a 15 foot 1977 Vanguard travel trailer from a friend at a good price. I knew that it had some water damage when I bought it … that’s the reason it was so cheap. I figured, HEY, how hard could it be to repair water damage in a small travel trailer? It can’t be that much work … right? …

 Travel trailer before rebuild

inside travel trailer

 Inside water damaged travel trailer

Wrong! … The first lesson I learned was that some visual water damage inside a trailer, means there’s a lot of hidden water damage.

Walking Table

 We just didn't have a category or even a proper name for this "Walking Table" but we still thought you would enjoy it ...

MAXCut Sheet Planner - Free Board Optimiser Software

Anyone who uses sheet goods knows how important it is PLAN their cuts. At the cost of sheet goods these days, and especially if they are veneered with a hardwood making a wrong cut can cost a lot of money and sometimes can result in having to purchase another sheet to amend the problem.

If you are like me and use sheet goods sporatically, let me introduce you to a geat new product ... and it's FREE. MAXCut is essentially a graphics program that lets you plan cuts before you make them. The result of this is you can plan you entire project before you even turn a saw on. If you are making smaller project, this may not be significant, but if you are like me, and just go finished building a new set of kitchen cabinet, a program like this can save you time and money. Click the Read More button for more information ... 

I have just started to use the program and from what I can see it appears to work well. It does take some time to get to know the program. What I particularly like is that if you try to add a measurement that outside of the size of material you are using, the co-ordiant shows up as highlghted in red, which is a signal you are ourside of the parameters of useage.

I understand a new tutorial is "in the works", which would be very helpful to many of us non-CAD users in getting us up-to-speed quicker with the product.  If you use sheet goods a lot, this program will really benefit you production and save time and money once you become proficient with it ... but don't take my word for it, go ahead and download your own FREE version and start learning how a planning program like this can save you time and money ...
Click the link  to download your free copy of MAXCUT ...

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