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H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

TARRYTOWN, NY – January 2019- H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. is celebrating its 100 year anniversary. The longevity of this company’s success can be attributed to their ability to adapt to the changing environment within the wood products industry. “Today we really take the time to get to know and understand our customer’s needs,” says Vice President and fourth generation co-owner, Jonathan Arnold, “This coupled with excellent customer service and competitive prices sets us apart from our competition.”

H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. is a well-known name among businesses that purchase items for a variety of their wooden requirements. Their product categories include broom and mop handles, turnings, mouldings, dowels, crates/boxes, shaped and flat parts to name just a few. The thing that really sets them apart is their ability to customize products to suit their customer’s unique needs.

The company is also well known for its custom architectural components. These items include but are not limited to wood balusters, finials, newel posts, spindles, and columns.

About H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. 
Herman Arnold and his son, William, founded the company in 1919 in Brooklyn, NY manufacturing turnings. Now a full fledge wood products company offering a diverse range of products, the company is led by Herman’s grandson Bruce Arnold and his great-grandson Jonathan. Other key family members include Melissa Arnold Friedman and Ann Arnold.

Those interested in inquiring about H. Arnold Wood Turning products and services can visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 914-381-0801.

What is the Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood?

Contributed from Arnold Wood Turnings -

Hardwoods and softwoods both have a wide array of applications in the wood products industry.  A hardwood tree is often, but not necessarily, a harder and denser wood than a softwood. The term comes from old logging camp “rules of thumb” where woods were sometimes named by their resistance to sawing.

A great example of an exception to the rule is balsa wood. Balsa is one of the lightest, least dense woods there is, but it is considered a hardwood.
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Woodworking with Endurance Lasers

Woodworking and wood carving appeared thousands years ago. As soon as humanity appeared ancient people started to make items out of wood and stone (we do not know for sure what came first). In the middle ages woodworking became basis of the economy, people build ships, houses, carts, etc and it all required wood.
Nowadays we have more items made of metal, plastic, fabric and glass. There are many reasons why it is so, how ever I would like to give an overview about abilities to do something out wood. Today we will talk about laser wood cutting and laser wood engraving.

A lot of nice things can be done by hand

But also CNC machines can help us to do even more beautiful things like this ...