Earn $100k/year working for yourself building custom furniture as a one person shop.

Custom Furniture Business Program

My name is Nate Sprankle and I am the owner/operator of a custom furniture shop operating as Sprankle Custom Works LLC in Cary, North Carolina. I’ve spent thousands of hours developing these guides that cover both the business side as well as the building itself and all topics in between. This bundle offers a total package with step-by-step instructions on how run a small, profitable custom furniture shop using a repeatable, systems-based approach to ensure income goals are met. 

Provided are over 100 guides in PDF format with over 2,600 slides containing instructional text and supporting pictures in an easy-to-read and follow format. Also included are supporting documents - CAD drawings, ad listing templates, an invoice template, a thorough quote spreadsheet template and pricing model, a financial tracking spreadsheet template and more.

Time is our most valuable resource. To that end, I will give you an example of the value of these guides. When I began, for a period of less than 5 months, I made 150 hours and 17 minutes worth of mistakes. At $87/hr. this equates to $13,074.65 in lost revenue. The relatively low up-front cost of these playbooks is a no-brainer. These are all mistakes I no longer make. You don't have to either. Save yourself the time, frustration and lost income.
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I also offer a direct support subscription. This monthly subscription provides direct access to my assistance via email and content updates.

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