We don't always get a chance to meet our Feature Members in person, but happily, I can say this is not the case with Seth Rolland. I attended a woodworkers meeting where Seth was giving a presentation about his work, and I can say it was truly one of the most inspirational talks on woodworking I have seen.

Seth Rolland has been making furniture for over 20 years. He first began his woodworking in Taos, New Mexico where he participated in a "weekly market".

For his first market venture he made a couple of multi-piece patio chairs which sold quickly. The following week he made 4 patio chairs which also sold very quickly. It was at this point he started to realize that the products he was making had an appeal to buyers, and from that experience sprang the seed of Seth's woodworking career. He soon began experimenting with the theme of using multiple components in other woodwork projects and continued find sales success in the pieces he was creating.




Over the next few years his work became more refined as his client list continued to grow. To read more please click the more button below ....  After a number of years, Seth moved to Port Townsend, a couple hours west of Seattle, Washington. Like Taos, Port Townsend is also something of a hub for artists and creators and Seth found further inspiration by moving to this seaside locale. He discovered that the seashore with its wave-washed rocks and millennia of driftwood logs and tree stumps gave him new ideas for pieces.


It is evident that others have found his work attractive and innovative by the number of gallery appearances he participates in every year. But it is not just clients and gallery owners who have found his work appealing, woodworkers are also seeking his knowledge and ideas, which he offers freely during the special woodworking workshops he teaches through places like the Port Townsend School of Woodworking as well as Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


To see more of Seth's work or even participate in one of his workshops, please go to his website for details http://www.sethrolland.com/

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