There is something about beautiful wooden doors that project a sense of beauty and awe. Such is the case with all the projects created by Arnim Rodeck. If you ever get a chance to see one of his doors in person, you will understand what we mean. Arnim has developed a creative process for making his doors that combines the large size of a door with the intricacy of detail. He creates beautiful works of functional art. After all, who wouldn't want to have beautiful hand carved door for the entrance to their home. Not only does it set "tone" of house and owners, it creates an entrance to an artistic and indivdual setting that sets it'self apart from other homes by it's unique entrance.

By adding different elements like glass, wrought iron and even rock, Arnim makes each door an individual work of art. I have personally seen Arnim displaying his work at a trade show and have watched people walking by his booth, then stop in their tracks when they view his doors and other projects. Each project is different and each one has it's own theme or message. By combining his carving skills with his uses of different color woods, Arnim often paints a wooden picture that feels almost like it is alive, helped along by the 3d effect of the carving. 

Arnim was born and raised in Colombia but left in his mid twenties to pursue higher educational goals in Germany where he eventually became an electrical engineer for Hewlett Packard. He worked for HP in many different countries around the world in this highly technical field. Eventually settling on the west coast of Canada where he was surrounded by trees and mountains. it was the inspiration Arnim needed to finally begin his passion of artistic woodworking. Many of his ideas and inspirations are drawn from his life experiences and places that he has lived, such as his creative usage of Colombian art examples.

But Arnim does more than make doors, he is skilled furniture maker and loves the challenge of using wood to enhance and upgrade different features of a home like fireplace mantels, book cases and much more.

To see more, please go to his website to see examples of his work ...

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