carsmReplicas in Wood
Woodworkers who can capture the "wow effect" are few and far between. Yes there are many good woodworkers, and there are a few really good woodworkers, but the woodworkers that invoke a "wow" with the work they do are very rare. Such is the case with this our feature member Serge Roberge.

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carAs a teenager working in the logging industry on the west coast of Canada, Serge spent his spare time constructing working models of the logging equipment he worked with on a daily basis. Although his earlier pieces lacked much of the detail and contrasts of using different woods, they were the prototypes that would help him fine tune his model making in later years.

Within a few years Serge fine tuned his model making abilities by adding more detail and experimenting with different contrasting woods to add life to his models. His change in technique worked and his finished products began to catch the eye of people within the logging and machinery industries.firetruck Initially he was commissioned to build pieces for retirement gifts and home displays, and later has been commissioned to build replicas of equipment for displays in stores, corporate offices and conventions.

Serge has continued to further enhance his models by concentrating on fine detail and incorporating a variety of woods. He has recently ventured into building replicas of classic cars and trucks, service vehicles, and buildings. Serge's models are showcased in homes and offices across Canada. Serge's patience, remarkable skill and superb workmanship produce outstanding replicas that are collectable works of art.

truck diggerEditors Note: Unfortunately due to the lack of quality of Internet images, some of the fine detail of Serge's replicas cannot be truly appreciated, I know because I had the pleasure of seeing them first hand. Case in point, the image that has the car in front of the historic gas station (including the old gas pump), the hinges on the door to the building even have the three indentations where the hinge pivots. It is this kind of attention to detail that gives Serge's replicas the "WOW" factor. Further information can be found on his web site at :
You can see larger resolution images of his models in the models section of our gallery.