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Innovative Furniture Designer Judson Beaumont Dies at 59

Colin Knecht writes - I was in shock when I first heard the news that my friend Judson had passed. I hadn't talked to him in a couple of years and just last week I put him on my "call" list to get an update from him and maybe get together to make another video with him at his workshop. Judson Beaumont was easily in the top 5 list of my most admired woodworkers and designers of all time. His innovative designs and his termination in building them were unparalleled. The last time I spent time with him at his shop, we spent a portion of the time in his tiny business office / drawing / creating room. As he talked to me about his new ideas and plans, his energy and enthusiasm were infectious. The more he talked, the more energized he became. He told me that he came to work early each morning, before any of the staff, when it was quite and still, so he could spend time drawing, making models of new designs and thinking about what creations would be next on the build list. Today, I dug out my copy of February 2011 Fine Woodworking - Page 76  to re-read the article they did then, and look at the pictures Judson and his work, some of which I have seen in person.  I am so glad now that I kept this copy.

One of my most treasured pictures now is the one that was taken of the 2 of us at one of the wood shows. It was taken about 12 years ago on a not-so-great phone, but now it's a personal item that means everything to me. 
I could go on and on, but instead will submit my deepest sympathies to his family and friends, we have all lost a wonderful person who just happened to an amazing woodworker, designer and artist. 
   ***  For those of you who are not familiar with his work, you can check out the article on this website HERE

86 Year Old, 3/4 Blind Woodworker Still Making and Building ...

drewRecently I received and email from this UK gentleman describing how he had watched one of my box making videos and was inspired to make his own boxes by modifying my design. He went on to say that he was 86 years old and was three quarters blind, but still managed to build the a box. He also went on to say how he had more recently taken up wood turning and it was at that point I wanted him to tell everyone his story ... he agreed, and the following is what he sent me. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have ...
Hello all,
 Colin has asked me to write a short piece for this site.  Site or sight, so there's a play on words,  so I'd better introduce myself as the Almost Blind Wood Maker. I am about 75% blind through a series of events that need not be detailed here. It is true that there are several totally blind wood makers and it was through a chap called Chris Fisher  (You can find him on YouTube under the name of The Blind Woodturner)  who gave me the push to redo wood making. I had been making all sorts of things over the years and had a decent workshop. At the time I was somewhat depressed as you can imagine ...

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Mark Eaton

Mark EatonMark Eaton as been woodworking since 1989 and began his woodshow demonstration career in 1990. He began demonstrating the Shopsmith Mark V, 5-in-1 tool in Ontario, Canada and was noticed by the hosts of the hit TV show, The Router Workshop, Bob and Rick Rosendahl in 1994. Mark trained with the Rosendahls and began demonstrating the jigs and fixtures as seen on the show at all of the Canadian woodworking shows. He became a feature seminar speaker at these shows and grew from there.

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Master Carver Jack Fisher

jack fisherFrozen in time ... that thought went through my head the first time I saw the bird carvings of artist and woodworker Jack Fisher. The birds all seemed like they could take wing at any second. The colors, the feather detail and the poses of each of the birds all combine to make them look like a three dimensional photograph of the real thing. I have always marvelled at how carvers can take a piece of wood and carve from it such detailed and exacting figures ... examples of which you will see further in this article.

I had the opportunity to visit the workshop and studio of Jack Fisher and I found far more than incredible carvings of birds and animals.

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