Feature Members

Marshall Border - Scroller

I grew up and graduated from high school in a small town in Arkansas with had a population of 505 people. I currently work as a Quality Control Auditor for Tenneco Automotive in Paragould, AR, which makes shock absorbers and struts for vehicles. I have been an employee of this plant for 35 years, and held several different jobs during this time.
My father was a handyman around the house and always wanted to learn to do woodworking. However, he was never in a financial condition to accomplish this. He didn’t even have a shop.

Arnim Rodeck - Door Maker

 There is something about beautiful wooden doors that project a sense of beauty and awe. Such is the case with all the projects created by Arnim Rodeck. If you ever get a chance to see one of his doors in person, you will understand what we mean. Arnim has developed a creative process for making his doors that combines the large size of a door with the intricacy of detail. He creates beautiful works of functional art. After all, who wouldn't want to have beautiful hand carved door for the entrance to their home. Not only does it set "tone" of house and owners, it creates an entrance to an artistic and indivdual setting that sets it'self apart from other homes by it's unique entrance.

Scroll Artist Kathy Lindsey

 Kathy Lindsey discovered making things in wood in the late 1980s. Since that time she has fallen in love with woodworking and in making cabinets, shelves, tables and anything she can, from wood.  As a self taught woodworker Kathy tried many different types of woodworking, until one day she decided to try intarsia. She was fascinated by the attention to detail, and how each piece or wood became like a building block that formed a picture. Each intarsia piece is unique and each piece has it's own features. She now looks at everything as a potential intarsia project, from objects to scenery.  As a woodwoker who wants to push he boundaries, Kathy can do just that with intarsia. The medium of using smaller pieces of wood to "paint" a picture is actually based on ancient art forms.

As a woodworker living on the Oregon Coast, Kathy has a wide variety of local and exotic woods that she can use to form her intarsia creations.

The framed tiger piece has almost a ninety pieces in it. The woods used were Cocobola, Maple, walnut, and Spalded mahogany. The frame is made of fir.

The boat and pelican picture has 100 pieces in it and was made from Blue Pine, Mahogany, Walnut, Bolivian Rosewood, Poplar, Fir, Oak, Yew wood, Leopard wood, Yellowheart, Madron, Aspen, Maple and Myrtlewood. The frames made of Spalded mahogany.

To see more intarsia art visit her web site at www.katcatintarsia.com

Carver Bo Ihde

 This feature member hails from Sweden. Bo Ihde received his first knife at the age of 8, and has been carving ever since. His real love and talent for carving began in the mid 1990. Many of his carvings are inspired from Bronze Age stone carvings and his folk ancestry.

 The birdhead is a symbol for shamanism, an early form of religion. He also likes to produce graceful sculptures, and sometimes even comical pieces. Bo contends there is nothing more rewarding than a laughing spectator when viewing his humorous works of art. In terms of material, Bo prefers the Swedish Leaf Tree.

 For coloring, he often will use a strong coffee and an assortment of oils. For his larger works, Bo relies on a chainsaw to formulate the overview of the object then will also use electric drill and a combination of his own shaped knives and other hand tools. For more information you can contact him at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or link to his photo album: http://picasaweb.google.com/bo.ihde/BoIhdeSkulpturer#

Also check out Bo's carving in the Gallery Section ....