Woodworking Tools

Since the table saw is considered the most valuable tool in the workshop, it is safe to assume that the cross cutting wood would be a main function. Even if you own some sort of a mitre saw, you will still be doing cross cutting on your table saw. Getting accurate cuts, at a true right angle can be a challenge ... but help is one the way Click Below for details on how you can finally get some satisfaction from cross cutting on your table saw ...

All tables saws come with some sort of a miter gauge, and most of them look the same, and even work the same. A simple bar which is fastened to a metallic half-moon, with a series of angle marks on it and usually a big hand tighten knob on top to secure. Unless you paid big money for your table saw, most of these somewhat simple miter gauges are not very accurate to the marks on the gauge, nor to the "click stops" (if they have any). The only way to make most of these old style miter gauges accurate is to align them to the blade each time you want to use it. The other problem with mitre gauges is that the face is often too small to hold anything but smaller pieces of wood. To correct this there are adapter holes on the miter gauges that an ambitious woodworker can attach their own wider piece of wood thus making a wider fence. There is a better way.

A few companies in recent years have actually started to manufactured a variety of different designs of miter gauges that are fast and accurate to use.

For expample if you are making picture frames or home reno moldings, Incra Miter Gauge  is perfect for you. after you make one cut, you simply use the other side to make the opposing cuts ... don't even have to make an adjustment. 

Going back to picture framing for a moment ... if you have both vertical and horizontal pieces cut to lenth, or at least marked to lenght, all you have to do is cut the opposing sides using this mitre gauge. I does it all for you. All you have to do is go ahead and glue and pin the the frame together. It has one big advantage which is ease of use and setup. If you want to do some production picture framing it is easy to attach extensions on both sides of this fence so you don't even have to measure and layout your pieces, and if you want to get really fancy you could attach some sliding adjustable fence guides ... now your talking production. 

If you are looking for a more generic mitre gauge, we have the answer for that too. A mitre gauge that does it all, easy adjustments, easy to read, precision stops and adjustments ... this is the mother of all mitre gauges ... the last mitre gauge you will ever need!!

 The gauge has been manufactured with laser cut teeth to ensure absolute precision and crisp interlocking connections for a highly accurate setting. What's really cool is this mitre gauge already includes a 27 inch cut off fence  WITH a materials stop, so when you are doing repeat cuts or any kind of production, you set the stop and just start running the material through.

So ... your mitre gauge problems can not only be solved, there is hope that you can make accurate  cross cuts with repeat accuracy for years to come by investing in a tool that will make you life easier, reduce you woodworking frustrations and create the kind of projects you want.

Copyright Colin Knecht