Woodworking Tools

Wouldn't you just hate to be a drill press. Can you imagine a more un-exciting tool? It seems to have only ever have one use, drilling holes, which of course it does very nicley, which is why everyone who doesn't have one wants one, and everyone who does have one wants a better one. When you look around a bit, you find that there are indeed other things that a drill press can do ... no, none of them are particularly exciting but they can save you time and in the workshop, saving time often means doing a better job and getting things done quicker so you can spend time doing the projects you like.

 But what other uses can we make of this otherwise seldom used monolith.

Well, there are a variety of sanding devices , mini drum as well as disc type sanders that can be use for a variety of jobs.

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You might need plug cutters.
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You WILL need forstner bits.

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I have even seen a drill press used for drilling and as a small press in pen making and for gluing and setting small pieces. And if you want to go wild you even use your drill press as a small vertical lathe. You will probably need to use free hand tools like files and rasps, but this is one way to turn rounded objects in a pinch.

What ideas can you come up with for the drill press? Let us in on your secrets of use on what is probably the least used tool in your shop.

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