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Window Seat Bookshelf

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The1Joe created the topic: Window Seat Bookshelf

This is a project that it took me a while to complete. It looks simple but it battled me the whole way. The wall on the right side isn't true and the floor isn't level left to right and front to back. If you look closely at the 2nd picture, you can see how it does not fit together on a level surface. But if you set a level on the finished product, the seat now reads level.

Also, with the exception of the top and bottom board, the entire project is constructed with dowels.

Finally, when I went to stain, it appears that there was dried glue I failed to notice and the stain refused to take on the left side of the center shelf. I guess I'll just call that character.

This is the largest project I've tackled to date. It measures 89x20x24. It isfar from perfect but I'd like to know your thoughts and opinions please.

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colin replied the topic: Window Seat Bookshelf

Nicely done Joe. I have always loved these kinds of places in houses where you can install nest seating ... maybe someday I will have a house like this that I can do the same thing ... luv it
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Glen replied the topic: Window Seat Bookshelf

I like it too Joe!! It looks like it belongs there!!

Out of square & unlevel is unfortunately something we have to deal with but with a little scribing & some careful cutting you can make it fit just right.
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The1Joe replied the topic: Window Seat Bookshelf

Thanks everyone. On to the next project!

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