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New dining table & stools

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Glen replied the topic: New dining table & stools

:laugh: :laugh: It's OK Derek. I understand. I look at it a couple times a day myself. We really like it too & I just have a hard time believing I built all those pieces & that they work so well together.

I really am just a novice woodworker with an affinity for a good challenge. I am not a perfectionist by any stretch & I'm not a Draftsman. I simply scribble what is in my head on paper then make it fit the intended space. This whole project was a challenge for me.
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Derek replied the topic: New dining table & stools

I think your talents and workmanship are much more accomplished than you let on Glen.... that is plain to see. lol
I'm a doodler myself which helps me along the path to creating stuff. The only things I draw full scale is my inlay patterns, Bandsaw boxes etc. I need the measurements so things line up and actually fit together in the end. I like taking a design from something I see others make and putting a whole new twist to it as well.
Well, I gotta get back to work on a big run of Butcher Blocks and jewelry boxes for more of the upcoming craft fairs and shows. I sure wish I could have my drum sander I have bought earlier this week actually in the shop and wired up. I can't wait to put it to work !!! :)
Take care Glen,

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Glen replied the topic: New dining table & stools

Thank You Derek!!

I've been looking at drum sanders too. Albeit the open end kind. I don't have enough space for a large one. Hard to pull the trigger on one of those bad boys tho!!

Good Luck getting all those boards & boxes done!!
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Derek replied the topic: New dining table & stools

Yes sir, they really add up quickly and drain the bank account even more quickly. I have been threatening myself to buy one for over two years. The more I looked the bloody things kept going up in price but I really do not have a choice in the matter. My hands just can't take all the sander vibrations any more. The Butcher Blocks have been the main culprit. I am way too fussy about them being dead flat and perfectly surfaced. I am my own worst enemy lol.
I agree with you totally on the open ended drum sanders. They are the answer in every way for woodworking. I almost bought a double drum sander the first of this year but they jumped eight hundred dollars between Dec and Jan.

I had to set money aside for the last two and a half years and of course I had to dip into that fund to pay for other things along the way but I pulled the trigger on it last week sometime and I am really happy I did. The boys at the store were really good to deal with and I beat them up over every penny. lol Poor buggers. I just hope I am satisfied with it and it helps me maximize my shop time were it can. I will of course have to do the final sanding by hand or sheet sander but it should be much less time to do so.

I still haven't figured out where I want this thing in my shop. I took the dimensions and the foot print size of the lower legs and it's just not clicking in my little brain. I think I'm just going to wait and get it set up before I find it's final home.

Now, it;s time to start saving up for a new Table Saw...... it never ends !!

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The1Joe replied the topic: New dining table & stools

Looks great!
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Glen replied the topic: New dining table & stools

Thanks Joe!!

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